Osteogénesis Imperfecta (OI)

naturaleza frágil, espíritu inquebrantable

Asociación Nacional Huesos de Cristal

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Qué es la OI
Diagnostic and manifestations
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Prediction and incidence
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Forecast and Incidences

Because of the variability of the individual IO, it is impossible to make general statements about the prospects of a person concerned. It is recommended that you seek council staff.
In many cases, the fragility decreases after puberty for reasons still unknown.

The OI is a rare disease. Its prevalence is estimated at between 1:10.000 and 1:15.000. This estimate is a lower limit, since the lighter forms of the disease often remain undiagnosed. The RO occurs in all races and is independent of gender. Only 0,008% of the world population is affected by the IO. This means that at present there are about 0.5 million people with OI in the world.

In Spain could have a minimum of 2700 affected by any of the types of OI.
The following table, compiled by the European Federation of OI,
OIFE, shows statistics by country and national associations.

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